Our Activities

Disability Aids and Assistive devices for PWDs

  • Wheel Chair
  • Tricycles
  • Braille Watch
  • Foldable Stick
  • Elbow Crutches
  • Ancillary Crutches
  • Hearing aid
  • Caliper shoes for kids
  • Calipers
  • Crutches
  • Artificial limbs
  • Braille watches & Other Needs

Livelihood Program

AFI Trust Implemented livelihood and community development projects to have a holistic approach for People with Disability by providing Materials for them to be self-sustaining and build self-employment. The projects are aligned with government development. programmes and support to government run programs and make them understand the schemes for the project beneficiaries. The main objective of the Livelihood Program is to enable the PWDs beneficiaries to become change makers in our society. The following are the focus areas

  • Providing Raw Materials to start Business for PWDs
  • Tailoring Machine for Mentally retard Girl Child’s mother who is certified tailor Visually Challenged Street Vendors- To Sell in Railway Standion/ Bus Stand
  • Kadalai Mittai and Toys, Handkerchiefs, Agarbathis, Mobile Phone Covers, Credit Card Covers etc
  • Proving Wires for making chairs
  • Proving Kolam Rangoli Powder and Rice Powder to sell in the market and make profit
  • Conducting exhibition for them to display and sell handicraft items

Job Fair and Skill training

Unemployment is high among the PWD’s and will significantly increase by 2025 by 2019 according to ILO. AFI Trust did a due diligence between the unskilled youth and the Job demands which will address the PWD’s economic condition. AFI Trust conducts Job Fairs, Skill Training programmes, focusing largely on Persons with Disability youth. Our skills training programmes focus on tailoring for the PWD Child’s mother and handicrafts.

The following are the focus areas:

  • Arranging Job Fairs in Cities and Towns in Tamilnadu for PWDs
  • Associating with Govt Departments, MNCs and Corporate companies for placement
  • Providing Training programmes on skill development and help improve the employability for Private companies for PWDs from semi-skilled and unskilled background. Free Tution center slums in Chennai and Cuddalore Dt.
  • PWDs Schools and College Students providing Study material, Dress material,
  • Stationery items for 200 students for every year
  • Head Radio for Visually Challenged
  • Cash awards and Certificate Yearly once for Best Students
  • Corporation students Library membership and Competition like Arts and Elocution, poetry and sports Sponsoring students for College and higher Education
  • VIT-in association with to provide Skill Training
  • Associate with Loyola college Outreach Dept Leadership Training
  • Nehru Yuva Kendra Skill training for leadership, Entrepreneurship and Youth Development and Disaster Management
  • Indian Red Cross Disaster Management Training.

Nambikkai Project

One of our Signature Projects is Nambikkai. We serve Communities with a prosthetic limb when someone loses a limb by accident, or by birth defects We Stand with their pain and feel how devastating it can be for them or anyone. If in case of little children, The Poor parents’ state of Mind will toggle both with confusion and sadness and the affected Children are too young to realize what has happened to them. Our Nambikkai Project helps Prosthetic helps an amputee survivor or a differently-abled to live a happy and independent life by bringing back the confidence and lead a life with dignity and achieve their dreams.

• Continuously arrange Prosthetic Leg and arms throughout year • Those who lost legs and arms in accident, disease, manmade

• Biannual free Camps for accident Victims with Calliper, Prosthetic Leg and arms

Champions with PWD’s

AFI Trust continuously Encourages and Sponsor the Athletes With Disabilities (AWD) program with Sports Kits, wheelchairs, with prosthetic limbs and help them achieve their goals as sports persons. The Aim is to build Trust and motivate amputees to come out of the mindset of loss and to inculcate Winning attitude and be a guiding light and improve inclusion and to encourage persons with disabilities on various fronts.. With the support of Corporates and Business houses AFI Trust arrange bootcamps, training camps in rural,

Towns and Cities across South India.

  • Providing Sport materials and kits for International,. National and State level PWD Players
  • Financial support provided for them to participate in the games
  • Conduct a sports met for PWDS.

Medical Camp and Counselling

Health doesn’t become a main priority for PWDs, Underprivileged and marginalised people because of their financial Constraints. AFI Trust Medical project focuses on holistic development providing curative, preventive, healthcare services to the Society.

We focus on services for prevalent ailments, check-ups for PWD children, treatment for malnutrition among PWDs, dental and eye check-ups. The health camp and counselling services were well received by many beneficiaries and they pledge their support with overwhelming response.

  • Conducting Eye Camp and General medical camp in cities and rural areas
  • Conduct awareness activities,
  • Create Awareness linking beneficiaries to government health schemes
  • Psychological counselling

Disaster Response and Relief

 Vulnerable communities, People who live in low living areas are the major precarious locations are the first affected by a crisis and their living conditions are devastating. The AFI Trust team of volunteers with the standards for emergency response do rescue, relief and rehabilitation for women, children, the aged and people with disability with the support of Government agencies. We conduct workshops and identify volunteers and equip them for emergency preparedness. AFI Trust also provides relief material and support people to rebuild their lives, inculcate resilience to future disasters with the help of good hearted sponsors.

  • Rescue work during Flood, Fire, Building Collapse, EarthQuake and Natural calamities
  • Rehabilitation work by providing utensils, Beds, Almirah, Chairs, Truck Box, Cooking Materials, Vessels
  • Awareness Program for Disaster Management and Fire Safety
  • Jointly did Voluntary work with Revenue and Disaster Management Department of Tamilnadu
  • Also associated with Indian Red Cross Society and Nehru Yuva kendra in rescue Mission and served Society during Natural calamities and Disaster

Covid Response

COVID – 19 had a devastating impact on the economy of our nations and many PWDs lost their livelihood and Jobs. The health infrastructure lacked the protective gears to fight against the deadly virus. AFI Trust played a vital role in providing essential medical consumables like oxygen, medical equipment and PPE kits to make-shift COVID facilities and raise awareness for COVID appropriate behaviour among persons with Disabilities in South India to battle COVID 19. We accelerated our work on the ground with a square meal every day making an effort to beat hunger during pandemic to PWD children, Poor and Marginalised people.

  • Oximeter, Mask, Gloves and Sanitiser donated to government hospitals in rural areas.
  • Providing Rice, Groceries and Vegetable during the pandemic Lockdown • Distributing food packets for most affected PWDs every day
  • Supplied Meal every day for Old age people and Destitute in Special Homes, Streets and Slums.
  • Conducted Vaccination awareness programs

Freezer Box and Coffin Box distribution

The Tea plantation workers in IDUKKI district got benefited by utilizing the FREEZER BOX and WOODEN BOX for the final rituals. Approximately around Rs.10,000 is being saved by the family of the deceased. This has motivated many youths in the village to involve themselves in the social welfare activities around the district voluntarily.

Advocacy for PWDS

Provide all legal assistance for deserving PWDs.AFI Trust’s Advocacy Provides information for the people with disability about human rights and discrimination, create awareness and find solutions. We help people with disabilities to raise complaints and legal action for their human rights and advocacy services for people with a disability, older people, people with mental illness. The Social media awareness campaigns are happening to raise awareness for the people with disability communicate and support people with different disabilities